To All Our Residents

Dear Resident(s),

The leasing and maintenance staff would like to say thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

The following offices and amenities are closed until further notice:

Packages will not be accepted, since the rental office is closed. Please make other arrangements with the carrier, in order to receive the packages.

All non-emergency maintenance requests will have to be held off until further notice. Below are the details that are considered an emergency.

Emergency Number to call: 724-935-7739

To help keep our community safe, all door handles, mailboxes, railings and laundry appliances are being sanitized on a daily basis. We will continue to keep our hallways clean and sanitized. We would appreciate your help by keeping all garbage disposed of in the appropriate areas.

Social distancing is key:

As recommended by the CDC and various city ordinances, social distancing should always be practiced to help minimize the spread of the virus when you are in the community or just running to the grocery store.Social distancing is keeping a 6’ distance between you and others.

We are happy to help via email, or by phone 724-776-4840.

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